Cool Stuff: Mattel Unveils Collectible Jurassic Park Gates As A New Crowdfunded Project


This year marks the 30th anniversary of "Jurassic Park," and along with the new LEGO sets that have hit shelves this summer, Mattel is celebrating by announcing a new crowdfunded collectible toy project that goes hand-in-hand with their Hammond Collection action figure line. 

Aside from the incredible dinosaurs that made "Jurassic Park" an absolute thrill to experience on the big screen, one of the most famous bits of iconography are the massive gates that Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, Dr. Ian Malcolm, and the rest of the tourist test subjects pass through when they enter the developing theme park. Yes, they're recognizable because they say Jurassic Park on them, but their tribal design perfectly encapsulates the wild nature of what lies within. 

The gates have been brought to life in various forms before, from Kenner's vintage toy line in 1993 to more recent LEGO playsets, but now Mattel is hoping to deliver the "Jurassic Park" gates to go along with the 3.75-inch Hammond Collection action figures that have been on shelves in recent years. So far, Mattel has released everything from your favorite paleontologists and dinosaurs to the Ford Explorer and Jeep Wranglers featuring the familiar tyrannosaurus rex skeleton logo. This release, however, feels like a cap on the rest of the line-up that will help fans complete their collection in quite a grand fashion. And since it's crowdfunded, there are some extremely cool stretch goals that go along with it. 

'What do they got in there, King Kong?'

This is easily the most movie-accurate version of the gates to be released as a collectible that is made to be partnered with the official action figures. Sure, several statues and high-end products have perfectly recreated this iconic set piece, but this is the first time it's been properly done for toys and Mattel says it's "accurately sculpted down to each crack and crevice." Aside from the 20-inch height on the gates, they're motorized to open on their own, just as they do in the movie, and the torches actually light up and flicker. They will also play the original movie theme music and ambient jungle sounds.

Also included with the gates will be the unscathed Ford Explorer #5, complete with rubber tires and enhanced design details such as film-accurate hang tags, navigation screen, and antennas. 

In order to be produced, Mattel needs 5,000 backers to pledge $250, and only once that number is reached will international backers be able to join the project. That's a lot of dino-bucks for what amounts to the toy version of stylized doors, but if enough people back it, there are some pretty cool bonuses that you'll only be able to get with this collectible package.

What's the matter, kid, you never had lamb chops?'

If 6,000 people back the project, then the gates will come with an electrocuted version of Tim and a pair of enclosure fences that you can hang him on, recreating another part of the movie.

When the project reaches 8,000 backers, there will be a "Buck" tyrannosaurus rex from "The Lost World" included. It feels a little odd to include one of the dinosaurs from the sequel with these gates, especially since this dinosaur is on a completely different island, but the original t-rex already has a Hammond Collection release on shelves, and Mattel needs something new to entice collectors.

Finally, perhaps the best bonus of all the stretch goals, at 10,000 backers, there will be a bonus figure of Lex that comes with a goat that features a removable hind leg for dino-snacking.

Oh, and if this project gets funded within the first two weeks, everyone receives a set of these six Jurassic Park Paddock Signs. 

Fans have from now until July 26, 2023 at 11:59 PM PT to back the project, so hopefully enough people will come together to make this happen. 

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