Bird Box: Barcelona Trailer: No Sandra Bullock This Time, But Still Plenty Of Blindfolds


Break out those blindfolds, kids! We're going bird boxin' again! "Bird Box" was a massive hit for Netflix (according to Netflix, that is). When "Bird Box," adapted from the novel by Josh Malerman, hit Netflix in December of 2018, it quickly became the most-watched film on the streaming service. When you have numbers like that it's only a matter of time before a sequel pops up. 

Enter "Bird Box: Barcelona." Although this isn't quite a straightforward sequel. For instance, star Sandra Bullock isn't back, nor is anyone else from the first film. Instead, this new entry is a story set in the same world as the first film, but in a different location — Barcelona. The new trailer for "Bird Box: Barcelona" has just arrived, and you can watch it below ... if you dare! Cue the scary music. 

Watch the Bird Box: Barcelona trailer

I didn't love the first "Bird Box" movie. It had a solid premise — mysterious monsters/creatures that cause people to die by suicide if they so much as look at them. Scary! But the film felt flat and kind of lifeless, at least in my opinion. But my opinion doesn't mean a damn thing to Netflix. They had a hit on their hands, which means they were ready for more "Bird Box" action. And now here we are.

"Bird Box: Barcelona" is described as "an expansion" of the first film, which perhaps opens the door for Netflix to make a whole bunch of these movies in different locations. For now, here's the film's synopsis: 

"Bird Box: Barcelona," directed by Álex Pastor and David Pastor, hits Netflix on July 14, 2023. 

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