The World Dreams Of Nicolas Cage In A24's Dream Scenario Trailer; Could Be 2023's Being John Malkovich


Have you been dreaming of Nicolas Cage? That's the question that Kristoffer Borgli's R-rated dark comedy "Dream Scenario" is asking. Cage plays a hapless, unassuming educator named Paul Matthews who might as well be the image next to the dictionary definition of "average, middle-aged white man." He wears sensible sweaters over collared shirts, there's a bit more salt than pepper in his beard, and his hairline hasn't been visible from the front for many, many years.

And yet, millions of strangers from all across the globe are starting to see him in their dreams. Sometimes he's a hero. Sometimes he's a bystander in the crowd. Paul's newfound stardom was exciting at first, but now he has to reckon with the reality that his presence is unwelcome and deeply traumatizing for countless people. Because sometimes, Paul is an absolute nightmare, invading people's dreams as if Freddy Krueger were a suburban dad.

If this premise sounds familiar, it might be because you're familiar with "This Man," a viral phenomenon where people from all over the world claimed to have seen one specific, extremely average man's face in their dreams. The entire thing was a hoax orchestrated by Italian sociologist Andrea Natella, but people became so fixated about whether or not they had dreamed of this man, that many reported sincerely seeing him in their dreams after the fact. The idea was even tossed around as the subject of a horror film by "The Strangers" scribe Bryan Bertino, but nothing ever became of it. Borgli's film may not be directly tackling "This Man," but it certainly looks like he's investigating what would happen if the phenomenon were not only real, but based on one man.

Check out the trailer for Dream Scenario here

"Dream Scenario" is Kristoffer Borgli's follow-up to "Sick of Myself," a grotesque and fascinating body horror satire about a narcissistic woman who intentionally disfigures herself for social media attention. Borgli is clearly fascinated with the human condition and how we not only relate to one another but see ourselves, which "Dream Scenario" seems to also be exploring. The film had its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, and film critic Candice Frederick of The Huffington Post described the film as, "a darkly funny, and often truthful, look at the rapid hysteria of our real-world cancel culture, Borgli's latest helps cement him as a provocative and wildly entertaining voice for our times."

Critics, even those who weren't as positive in their reviews, have seemingly all agreed that this is an all-time performance for Nicolas Cage, with Peter Debruge at Variety calling it "a dream role." Joining Cage is a phenomenal cast including Julianne Nicholson ("Mare of Easttown," "August: Osage County"), Michael Cera ("Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," "The Adults"), Tim Meadows ("Saturday Night Live," "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story"), Dylan Gelula ("First Girl I Loved," "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), and beloved character actor Dylan Baker.

"Dream Scenario" lands in theaters on November 10, 2023.