Cool Stuff: Mattel Is Selling Ryan Gosling's 'I Am Kenough' Ken Hoodie From The Barbie Movie


"Barbie" made huge waves at the box office this past weekend, and if you didn't see the movie, then what are you waiting for? For everyone else who flocked to theaters for "Barbie," you might find yourself working through an existential crisis. Thankfully, if you're a Ken, Mattel has the perfect piece of apparel for you to let everyone know that you're doing all right.

Although "Barbie" is about the titular character played by Margot Robbie, her boy toy Ken (played impeccably by Ryan Gosling) also goes through a transformation where he realizes that he can be happy even if Barbie doesn't want to be with him. After Ryan Gosling sings an incredible ballad and comes to terms with his place in Barbieland without Barbie, he can be seen sporting a tie-dye, fleece-style hoodie that says "I am Kenough." If you, like me, saw that piece of clothing and immediately wanted one for your own closet, we have good news: Mattel is selling these hoodies right now!

'I'll see you on the Malibu beach!'

The Mattel Creations website, which recently sold Steven Spielberg action figures for Comic-Con, has the brightly colored hoodie as it appears in the "Barbie" movie. Mattel didn't even cheap out with the material and make this a regular hoodie. It's a sherpa hoodie, just like the one Ryan Gosling wears in this wonderful scene, and the stylized "K" is monogram and embroidered with the rest of the text on the pullover.

Of course, since it's a sherpa hoodie, it's going to cost you $60, with sizes ranging from Small up through XXXL, for the beefy Kens out there. We're not sure how much of a supply Mattel has, so if you want to get your hands on this memorabilia, it's probably better to act sooner than later.

If you're not demanding accuracy in your "Barbie" movie memorabilia, there's also a tie-dye t-shirt that says "I am Kenough," as well as a hat and a coffee mug. There are even more plain options without the bright tie-dye colors.  In fact, there are tons of different items inspired by the "Barbie" movie available at the Mattel Creations shop right now. So head over there and see if anything tickles your fancy.

"Barbie" is playing in theaters everywhere right now.