Sing Street Fans Will Want To Watch This Flora And Son Trailer Immediately

BY RYAN SCOTT/AUG. 23, 2023 12:02 PM EST

John Carney has not directed a movie since 2016, and that movie was "Sing Street." Though the movie may not have been a big hit at the time, those who have seen it largely regard it — rightfully so — as a true gem. It would not be a stretch to call it one of the most underappreciated movies of the last decade. All of this to say, Carney is finally back with a new movie in the form of "Flora and Son," which is set for release next month. Now, Apple has released a trailer ahead of the film's rollout, and it looks very much in line with what we've come to expect from Carney as a filmmaker.

The cast is led by Eve Hewson ("The Knick"), with Jack Reynor ("Sing Street"), Orén Kinlan ("Taken Down"), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("Super Pumped") also starring. It's a mother and son story with a musical center that looks full of heart and capable of bringing a big smile to one's face. Check it out.

John Carney returns in the Flora and Son trailer

The trailer sets up an extremely strained relationship between the mother and her rebellious teenage son, which feels pretty familiar at first. But then, when they begin to connect through their disparate musical interests, things get interesting — not to mention impossibly charming. It brings to mind another underseen movie from a few years back called "Hearts Beat Loud," which starred Nick Offerman. It looks to be a welcome feel-good bit of cinema to look forward to this fall. As far as the specifics of the story go, the official synopsis reads as follows:

Single mom Flora (Eve Hewson) is at a loss about what to do with her rebellious teenage son, Max (Orén Kinlan). Encouraged by the police to find Max a hobby, Flora tries to occupy him with a beat-up acoustic guitar. With the help of a washed-up LA musician (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Flora and Max discover the transformative power of music. From the musical mind of John Carney, "Flora and Son" explores the bond between a mother and son on a journey toward a new harmony.

Apple acquired the film earlier this year after it played on the festival circuit, and you can read /Film's 8 out of 10 review from Sundance right here. The movie is directed by John Carney, who also produces along with Anthony Bregman, Peter Cron, Rebecca O'Flanagan, and Robert Walpole. Cathleen Dare, Milan Popelka, and Alison Cohen are on board as executive producers.

"Flora and Son" hits theaters on September 22, 2023, before debuting on Apple TV+ on September 29.


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