Cool Stuff: Deadpool & Wolverine Funko POPs Have The Titular Duo Coming Together


The new trailer for "Deadpool & Wolverine" (watch it here) really came through with the raunch as the first R-rated installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ryan Reynolds is back as the Merc with a Mouth, and he's taking full advantage of making a dirty superhero action comedy under the Walt Disney banner by dropping plenty of bad words and mentioning just some of the many nicknames for cocaine. Joining him is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, who also dropped some f-bombs. Batman and Robin will certainly have to put up a fight for the title of dynamic duo once this movie hits theaters.

In honor of "Deadpool & Wolverine," the Funko POPs line of vinyl figures is the first out of the gate with new collectibles dedicated to the latest movie in the "Deadpool" franchise, allowing the titular duos to come together. These are likely just the first two figures in the collection since there are bound to be plenty of characters getting the Funko POP treatment once the movie is in theaters this summer. For now, let's take a closer look at the new Deadpool and Wolverine Funko POPs below.

Making a Deadpool collectible can be somewhat challenging, seeing as his burnt scrotum face is hidden by his mask and his expressions can really only be glimpsed through slight shifts in the fabric around his mouth and the shape of his eyes. So Wade Wilson is fully suited up, brandishing his swords and wearing a slightly varied expression, as evidenced by his stylized Funko POP eyes. If anything, his expression finds him squinting his eyes in anger, likely because Wolverine wants to fight him.

Speaking of Wolverine, it's surprising that the first collectible we're getting of him from Funko features him wearing the full helmet, something the character hasn't done yet on the big screen despite a tease from the end of "The Wolverine." Combine that with the yellow and blue suit that calls back to the character's most beloved look from both Marvel Comics and "X-Men: The Animated Series," and we've got the makings of one cool Wolverine. His claws are drawn, his eyes look pissed, and he's even got a five o'clock shadow. You do not want to mess with this grumpy Wolverine, especially since it seems like we don't know what his full backstory is, as this is a different version of Logan than we've seen before.

As for the rest of the "Deadpool & Wolverine" Funko POPs, we'll have to wait and see who joins the roster. There will likely be alternate unmasked versions of Deadpool and Wolverine, but there will also be plenty of other characters in the movie who could potentially get their own figure too, so we'll have to wait and see who makes the cut.

Both of the Funko POPs are listed at Amazon (here and here) and Funko's Shop, but they're not available for pre-order at this time, so keep an eye on those pages.

"Deadpool & Wolverine" arrives in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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