Cool Stuff: Official Star Wars Blue Milk Is Coming To Your Refrigerator From TruMoo


There are plenty of iconic characters, vehicles, weapons, and more from "Star Wars" that fans have latched onto over the years. But since the loyal followers of a galaxy far, far away can be a weird bunch, even going so far as to remaster the original cuts of the movies themselves, they also become obsessed with a lot of small details in the sci-fi universe.

Case in point, blue milk is well known among "Star Wars" fans, despite only making a brief appearance at Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's kitchen table in "A New Hope," while Luke Skywalker pines about being stuck on Tatooine. The blue milk, which was agonizing to create for production, is so famous that Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland and Disney World actually have it available to buy, along with the green milk that older Luke Skywalker disturbingly sips down in "Star Wars: The Last Jedi." But soon, you'll be able to have official "Star Wars" blue milk in your own refrigerator.

Today, Disney Consumer Products and Lucasfilm began their March to May the 4th initiative, a global consumer products campaign themed to the villains of the "Star Wars" galaxy. Along with that comes a batch of new merchandise, and among the announcements was the reveal of the official "Star Wars" blue milk that will be arriving in stores from TruMoo. Unlike the Disney Parks concoction, this is actually real milk!

Ice cold bantha milk!

The official press release says, "TruMoo Blue Milk is 1% low-fat milk and features natural vanilla flavor and blue color for a truly galactic delicious experience your family will enjoy." So it's vanilla-flavored milk colored blue rather than just milk with blue food coloring. Maybe that extra flavor will make it feel like you're slurping down genuine milk from space.

While blue milk in the "Star Wars" universe comes from banthas, this is good old-fashioned milk that comes from cows. But that means you can use it to make some fun "Star Wars" tinged recipes that require milk. Maybe you can make some blue ice cream? Perhaps some vanilla-flavored blue pancakes? The sky is the limit when you have the official "Star Wars" blue milk in your fridge. At least you know that it will taste better than what Mark Hamill got on the set of the original "Star Wars" when he drank the blue milk. Hamill previously told Radio Times:

TruMoo's "Star Wars" blue milk will begin hitting shelves on April 17, 2024, but grocery stores aren't always the best when it comes to street dates, so just keep an eye on your local supplier's dairy fridge.

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