DC Gets A Trans Redux In The Trailer For Vera Drew's The People's Joker


Normally, if you say that "The People's Joker" is more exciting than Lady Gaga's new project, your queer cards will be taken. However, there's an exception in this case. As much as I'm interested in watching Gaga's Harley Quinn dance and sing her way into a toxic relationship with Joaquin Phoenix as the Clown Prince in Todd Phillips "Joker: Folie a Deux", (a sentence that I could not have written after first viewing Phillips original Scorsesean DC Drama back in 2019,) it is Vera Drews parody of DC Comics, a transgender superhero coming-of-age story.

Drew has worked quietly on many of the most memorable and bold comedic works of the last decade, much like her transgender colleague Harper Steele, the subject of Will Ferrell’s acclaimed upcoming Netflix document "Will & Harper". Along with editing Scott Aukerman’s podcast parody, "Comedy Bang! Bang!" Sacha Baron's political mockumentary "Who Is America?" Drew has also edited Tim Robinson's utterly ridiculous sketch comedy show "I Think you Should Leave" as well as the "An Evening With Tim Heidecker". She's now attempting to direct a feature film for the very first time, after having directed shows such as "Tim and Eric Qui?z Game," and Heidecker's web series "On Cinema."
Click above to watch the trailer of "The People's Joker".

Wear a (queer) happy face

What is even a Joker film without some controversy? The People's Joker was ready for the Toronto International Film Festival in 2022, but was abruptly pulled due to threats of legal action from DC Comics' owner Warner Bros. Discovery. Drew and her colleagues went above and beyond in order to make sure that the parody was not infringing on copyright laws. Not David Zaslav’s media conglomerate, which could be bent the law for its own ends?
The previous Joker movies have shown us that the revolution of clowns will be broadcast on television. Altered Innocence is now distributing "The People's Joker", which has been a hit on festival circuits and received rave reviews. Drew, who wrote the script with Bri LeRose and also stars as Joker, is directing from a screenplay she co-wrote. The cast includes Kane Distler, Nathan Faustyn, Ra's al Ghul (David Liebe Hart), Tim Heidecker, Perry White (Scott Aukerman), Nathan Faustyn, The Penguin, David Liebe Hart, Ra's al Ghul. Freeze and Phil Braun, a fascist abuser known as Batsy.

The People's Joker will be in the theaters from April 5, 2024.

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