Kate Winslet Provides An Update On Mare Of Easttown Season 2

05 -03-2024

Brad Inglesby’s HBO series "Mare of Easttown" starring Kate Winslet, which was released early in 2021 was among the top shows of the year. It was also one of best detective dramas in recent history. The show is so great that Steven Spielberg said he would like to make a TV long-form series.

Ingelsby stated that the series was intended to be a limited-series, however, if Winslet and he agreed upon an idea for a second season of "Mare", it could happen. Ingelsby said that the show was conceived as a limited series, but he and Winslet could potentially agree on an idea for a "deserving second chapter in Mare's journey."

Winslet is back on HBO three years after her first limited series. The six-episode drama, "The Regime," features the actress in a political thriller. The Hollywood Reporter contacted Winslet for an interview about the possibility of a "Mare of Easttown 2" while she was doing press for this show. It seems that things haven't really changed in three years.

Winslet stated, "I haven't had an active discussion with HBO in a long time about the possibility of a season 2. This doesn't mean much. It does mean that I am not lying. "Like, it's never come up."

What should Mare of Easttown Season 2 look like?

Winslet’s latest update may disappoint some people. Hey, I understand! It's natural to return to these characters to spend time with them as they unravel another mystery. The first season, however, was fantastic. This consistency has been the backbone of television for many decades. Even actors love the in-depth character study that TV can offer. Winslet told THR that:

The great pleasure of TV for an actor, is that you can indulge in so many more scripts. The story is longer, and you have more material to work with. If you have a script in your hand, they are usually 100 to 125 pages -- except when it is written by Aaron Sorkin. In that case, the film scripts can be up to 250 pages. One episode of "The Regime" or "Mare" was only 60 pages. It's just 360 pages of pure joy."

When a series or movie franchise that we enjoy ends, it's a very different experience. It's satisfying to see a story told well, but it's even more special when the story is completed by the most talented of people. The story can be analyzed and compared as an object, rather than just a chapter of an ongoing series. In an industry that is increasingly dependent on IP and stories being milked for their full value, stories with finite endings have real cultural significance. The first season of "Mare of Easttown", despite its greatness, was an excellent limited series. It does not require a second. We learned all about Mare as the writers intended. Winslet would be better off reuniting with Inglesby to create a new story and a new character that she could sink her teeth in.

Check back for updates on a possible second season. In the meantime, you can read our review of season one of "Mare of Easttown".

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