Cool Stuff: Slimer And Ghost Trap Popcorn Buckets Emerge For Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire

05 -03-2024

Despite the fact that movie theaters are struggling, particularly in light of the pandemic still lingering, the multiplex chains continue to look for new ways to generate revenue outside of ticket sales and concessions. One of these methods seems to have worked. AMC Theatres or Cinemark release exclusive popcorn buckets every week. They range from the pink corvette container to promote "Barbie," and even the provocative sandworm for "Dune: Part Two." According to The Hollywood Reporter it's become a very lucrative revenue source, so there should be no surprise when "Ghostbusters Frozen empire" (watch its trailer) enters the popcorn bucket market.

AMC Theatres unveiled its line of movie merchandise for "Ghostbusters Frozen empire" that is available both online and at your local theatre. It includes two popcorn buckets unique to the franchise. Both of these collectibles will look great on your shelf. Unlike Ecto-1, which was released in "Ghostbusters: Afterlife" and had a paint job more like streaked garbage than a shiny rust, they are both awesome. The first one transforms the slimy Slimer into an eerie, translucent container. While the second turns a Ghostbusters signature item into something which perfectly traps your popcorn. Find out below how to get these!

Isn't that a little ugly spud?

The first thing we have is the slimer popcorn bucket. It's transparent, the popcorn is inserted into Slimer’s mouth. Thankfully it does not fall out. It's true that the opening is small, and it's difficult to fill with popcorn or get it out. But I would rather have it be a candy dish than get butter and grease in Slimer's body.

Buyers should take note, however, as Ghostbusters News has some photos of the bucket itself. It appears that the final sculpture may not be as impressive as the pictures suggest. The plastic appears to be less transparent, and the bucket could turn out disappointing. AMC Theatres may have heard about it, as it is no longer listed for purchase on their website. It was available just before the weekend. It's possible that it is sold out. However, the Loungefly backpack with the proton pack, which was also listed on the website, has actually been sold out but still appears there. There could be a problem with Slimer's bucket.

Cinemark's Slimer bucket is similar to the AMC popcorn bucket, but it's a little different. Images have appeared that show Slimer with a Cinemark bag of popcorn in his mouth. (As seen in Cinemark’s tweet above) To find one, you'll need to visit your nearest Cinemark.

"I saw the trap, Ray"

AMC should release the "Ghostbusters Frozen Empire", popcorn bucket, as it is absolutely stunning. The classic ghost-trap has been turned into a bucket of popcorn, with translucent plastic representing the light beams that are emitted from the ghost-trap when it is catching ghosts. The "Ghostbusters' logo is also printed on the bucket. You can also remove the beams so that the trap may be placed on a book shelf. You can get this trap by visiting the AMC Theatres website, starting March 23rd. This is the same week the film opens.
You can also find other movie-related merchandise at local multiplexes. These include buckets and cups with drink toppers. Hats, plushes and much more.

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