Try To Survive The World Of Arrakis In The Dune: Awakening Video Game Trailer

05 -03-2024

Arrakis is a welcome place. Funcom, the Norwegian videogame developer, has released a new trailer to promote "Dune: Awakening". The trailer's release came after the massive box-office success of "Dune: Part Two," which means that many people are still interested in this world, created by Frank Herbert, all these years ago. This upcoming MMO could be the perfect solution for those looking to spice up their life. You can see the trailer above.
It's a visually stunning trailer, with sandworms and sweeping landscapes. It will all be about Arrakis survival, including collecting water (and sometimes even body fluids) from plants and using resources to create an arsenal. It's also worth noting that this game isn't a tie-in to the Legendary/Warner Bros. movie franchise. It's a completely separate project, similar to the "Mad Max: Fury Road" videogame from 2015. The official description for the game is as follows:

From survival, you can now dominate the planet that is the most hazardous in the entire universe. The Open World Survival MMO "Dune: Awakening", a new and unique game, combines the creativity and grit of the best sandbox games and the interactivity and social interaction of large persistent multiplayer games. You begin your journey on Arrakis with its vast deserts, colossal Sandworms and other creatures. As you travel through "Dune", meet characters from movies and novels. Find new enemies and allies, and use your connections to unravel the mystery hidden beneath the surface sands.

Dune: Awakening will take you to the Arrakis world.

It seems like a very time-consuming game for fans of the universe. The game has a deep system of building that allows players to make blueprints for their creations, which they can sell to other gamers. The players will have to create a shield to protect their base from enemy players and sandstorms. The co-op feature involves a hologram that lets allies see the construction and add to it.
The sandworms that appear in the game are not able to be destroyed. According to the developer, "you cannot kill the worm." You can also use the same thumpers used by Denis Villeneuve to control sandworms. It's a great way to get immersed in the world of "Dune".

Funcom announced the project in 2022. However, it seems that now we are much closer to seeing this game released. What is the cost of playing this game? This is still a mystery. AAA games like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have been launched recently at a cost of about $70. Pay-as you-play is common in MMOs. Some MMOs have a cost upfront, and others are free. When it comes, we'll find out where the new one fits on this spectrum. offers a beta version of the game.

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