Tim Blake Nelson Is Heartbroken After His Dune: Part Two Character Was Cut

04 -03-2024

It is logical to cut a story that has a lot of detail, even if it's split into two halves. Denis Villeneuve's film would have needed to be extended by one hour to do it justice.

Tim Blake Nelson, a respected and well-known actor, has appeared in movies such as "The ballad of Buster Cruggs" or "O Brother Where Are Thou?" Nelson said in an interview exclusive with MovieWeb that he only shot one scene for the 2019 miniseries "Watchmen".

"I don't know which scene that was. The film was cut by Villeneuve because he thought it too long. I'm not upset, but I am heartbroken. There is no doubt that we will. "

Villeneuve does not like director's cuts, and there is little chance that this scene will ever be included. I find it hard to let go of my darlings.

Nelson has not revealed his role. However, fans have a good idea.

Meet Count Fenring
Fenring was an Imperial Agent on Arrakis during the Harkonnen reign. He is known for his uncanny ability to vanish from visions. Even after Paul drinks the Water of Life he cannot see the man. Jessica and Paul are able to make (and reverse) decisions based on this. Unpredictability tends to make things more complicated for everyone.
Lea Seydoux portrays his wife Margot who is also a Bene Gesserit witch. There's no mention of her husband.

Fenring, the fictional temporary governor of Arrakis, is a character that was played by Miroslav taborsky in the Dune miniseries. Tim Blake Nelson's description of the character is accurate, even though Taborsky may look different.
What exactly is Thufir?

Fenring's character is not given much attention in the source material, even though he was a very interesting character. He gets a few shout outs, but his role never really impacts the plot. It's a realistic, but unsatisfying ending. The film doesn't feel very cinematic. Feyd, played by Austin Butler is the focus of the story. This makes sense because the Harkonnens are a threat to both the Emperor and the people.
Fenring's omission from "Dune: Part Two", too, helps ease the hurt of its omission. Thufir Hawat (Stephen McKinley Henderson), who was not even in the first film, is most affected by his omission. In "Dune: Part One", he was given a prominent role, but he disappeared in "Part Two". Villeneuve "adored Thufir Hawat" in the first movie but removed him for the second film to concentrate more on Bene Gesserit.

It is not a bad choice even though Thufir fans may find it disappointing. In the book, Thufir believed that Jessica Harkonnen is the spy. The movie has removed this subplot. Thufir does not have any reason to apologize. This is a simple man who has realized his mistake and wishes to apologize.
"Dune Part Two", now in cinemas, is a sequel to the first part.

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