Jared Leto Enters The Grid In Disney's First Tron: Ares Image


Folks, we are now officially living in an exciting, bold new future. It's not that I feel like the world is just one billionaire away from entering the grid, or ending up in a dystopian future where we are literally living the story of "Tron", and "Tron Legacy." It's the trend of legacy sequels that are here to stay. You can't argue what people want.

Disney has finally granted the wish of "Tron's" fans who have been clamoring for a third film in this franchise. We first learned about the official greenlighting of the "Tron" project in a little more than a year. The film will be called "Tron: Ares." We finally got our first glimpse of the "Tron 3" sequel today. And, yes, it looks exactly like one. Fans can expect to see neon lights, a full-length suit and cyberpunk influences. The only flaw is that Jared Leto, the star of "Morbius", has been chosen to play the main role for reasons science and commonsense have not been able to explain. But beggars cannot be choosers.
Check out the first trailer for "Tron Ares" right below!

The Grid is Back (Again)

Everyone knows that a good "Tron' movie requires a vibrant color scheme, an innovative sense of futurism, and the latest technology. Daft Punk is also a must. The official announcement of the involvement of electronic music group Daft Punk is still pending, but all other elements should be in place and present for "Tron Ares." Disney released its first official look today, almost 15 years since "Tron: Legacy," and more than 40 years after original. See the full image below!

In the press release, it is stated that filming began officially in Vancouver in January this year and that the movie will be released in 2025. Joachim Ronning is the Norwegian director behind the films "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales", "Maleficent Mistress of Evil" and "Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales". The director stated in a press release that he was "excited to be able to bring this film to TRON fans all over the world." "TRON: Ares" builds on the tradition of innovative design, storytelling and technology. It feels more important than ever to get back to the Grid."

Even a new, tantalizing synopsis of the storyline for the third sequel was sent to us:

The story of "Tron-Ares" is about a sophisticated Program named Ares who was sent into the physical world to complete a mission. This marked the first time that the human race encountered A.I. beings.

Jared Leto plays Ares in this image. Leto's cast includes Greta Lee, the breakout "Past Lives", star, Evan Peters (ex-X-Men), comedian Hasan Minhaj and Jodie Turner-Smith.

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