The Director Of Horror Movie Imaginary Isn't Afraid Of John Krasinski's IF


Anxiety often arises when two stories with similar premises debut at once - this situation will likely occur again in 2024.

John Krasinski (short for "Imaginary Friend") may not play Reed Richards from "Fantastic Four", as some had anticipated; instead he has leveraged his success with horror flick "A Quiet Place" and its sequel as the basis of an enjoyable family comedy film: IF (short for "Imaginary Friend") is set for release May 2024 and follows young girl named Bea (Cailey Fleming) who can see people's imaginary friends before discovering that her middle aged neighbor (Ryan Reynolds) also shares this gift - with "IF", we should see some great cinematic moments!

Krasinski will once more demonstrate his directing prowess with "Imaginary", an exciting jump scare monster movie from Blumhouse set around imaginary friends that releases on March 8th. Jessica (DeWanda Wise) gives Chauncey (Pyper Braun), one of her childhood teddy bears from childhood to Alice for safekeeping but finds out there's something sinister inside him instead of mere stuffing!

These movies both share similar themes: They explore adults wrestling with their childhood imaginations in very different ways. "Imaginary" Jeff Wadlow ("Kick-Ass 2,"Truth or Dare") spoke with SFX magazine and seemed unbothered by competition between his film and "Truth or Dare".

If Imaginary can succeed...

Wadlow of Paramount Picturesot To start, Wadlow acknowledged the regular occurrence of dueling movies in Hollywood; for instance in 1997 there were two disaster movies about volcanic eruptions released two months apart (Dante's Peak and "Volcano," released two months apart in February and April of that year -- neither is considered much of an iconic classic). Wadlow continued:

"Hollywood has an interesting tradition of producing timely movies at once. [Imaginary Friends] was one such topic which hadn't been explored as widely since "Drop Dead Fred", so its release would inevitably happen at some point."

"Drop Dead Fred," which debuted first, was an award-winning 1991 black comedy featuring Phoebe Cates and her imaginary friend Rik Mayall (played by Richard Whedon). While Wadlow made waves by opening first with "IF", he acknowledged its position as underdog among this competition of films.

"I would absolutely adore speaking to Krasinski right now about our trailer - though, as his success with "A Quiet Place" may obscure his focus a bit; I can only speculate as to their thoughts when seeing ours!"

Soon enough we will know the total score. "Imaginary" hits theaters March 8, 2024 while "IF" arrives May 17, 2024.

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