Rachel Brosnahan Is 'Stalking' Journalists To Become Superman: Legacy's Lois Lane


Warner Bros. and DC realized in 2022, after years of trying and failing to match Marvel Cinematic Universe, that drastic course correction was required. Their initial response was to wind down their so-called DC Extended Universe or DCEU project and bid its chief architect Zack Snyder farewell; but even this proved problematic as Zack's departure triggered chaos within this cinematic endeavor.

Warner Bros. found itself in an untenable position at the start of 2023 when they announced the conclusion of DCEU while four movies related to it remained to release. James Gunn and Peter Safran then took charge as co-heads of DC Studios which then introduced DC Universe which could feature many or even all characters previously part of DCEU at different points throughout.

Sound confusing?

Well it certainly was, especially considering all of 2023's shenanigans which ranged from The Rock falsely asserting his "Black Adam" movie was an unparalleled box office success while it clearly wasn't to "The Flash's" epic box office disappointments. Thus, it would be prudent not to dwell too deeply on Gunn's departure; rather, look towards what will surely become of his DC Universe launch - beginning with "Superman: Legacy", his planned Man of Steel film scheduled for a release sometime around 2025.

An all-star cast will join together to usher in this new era of DC and Superman with "Legacy", promising an entertaining film experience unlike anything seen so far from Snyderverse films. Though it will likely still take several months until "Legacy" arrives on theater screens, Rachel Brosnahan seems fully dedicated to playing Lois Lane as previously teased.

Rachel Brosnahan takes journalism seriously.

Warner Bros. Back in June 2023, Warner Bros. made headlines when it announced David Corenswet had been cast as the protagonist in "Superman: Legacy," alongside Rachel Brosnahan from "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel." Since then we've learned Nicholas Hoult will portray Lex Luthor while James Gunn will forgo another superhero origin story to focus instead on young

Clark Kent exploring Metropolis while Lois Lane likely makes an impactful cameo appearance - though specific plot details about Lois Lane remain unknown beyond her coming through her connection to Kal-El battling his Kryptonian heritage against Kansas upbringing!

Still, wherever Lois fits into that narrative, she will likely involve much of the journalism for which she's known. Lois Lane first appeared as Margot Kidder in Richard Donner's 1978 classic film 'Superman' and its three sequels and has also been played onscreen by Kate Bosworth and Amy Adams since. Now however, Brosnahan seems committed to taking up her part of this role with great commitment shown through interviews for this role and her appearances so far in "Man of Steel".

Brosnahan revealed to Entertainment Weekly on the red carpet at the delayed 2023 Emmy Awards, held January 2024, that she is in full preparation mode: she revealed she's been stalking journalist friends to understand more deeply how that mindset works." In addition, Brosnahan was inspired by Margot Kidder's performance as Lois Lane in Christopher Reeve-led Superman films; Margot Kidder stood out as someone she felt could represent young women like herself who felt ambitious yet achievable onscreen; something Brosnahan felt as an ambitious young person herself."

Rachel Brosnahan is saying the right things.

"Superman: Legacy" will offer viewers an intriguing glimpse at Lois Lane as an integral character, particularly since James Gunn must introduce us all to a brand-new Superman while simultaneously featuring numerous superheroes (such as Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor ). How much journalistic work Lois will do between all this remains unknown but from Rachel Brosnahan's preparation, journalism appears likely to play an integral part of Lois' narrative arc.

Brosnahan appears to be giving Superman much-needed updates through "Legacy," while still honoring what worked well before. When speaking with the Associated Press about it, Brosnahan expressed:

"James Gunn, Peter Safran and all at DC along with David Corenswet are true fans of comic books; with each step taken to ensure this film honors and justifies another installment, everyone involved cares deeply for its making."

After the Snyderverse was abruptly cancelled, this statement from Brosnahan is exactly what we needed to hear in response. Richard Donner whose reverent approach to Supes back in the '70s set an ideal standard for superhero movie representation was none too pleased about how darkly DCEU took their treatment of Superman; with DCEU coming to an abrupt end now more than ever we should follow his advice and restore Superman back to glory with an honest depiction that honors this ultimate hero; according to Brosnahan it seems likely this may happen very shortly!

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