What Bones' Carla Gallo Really Wanted For Daisy And Sweets


Lance Sweets was killed off tragically and left everyone reeling, including Daisy who happened to be pregnant with his unborn child and their relationships, reeling. Carla Gallo who played Daisy had some thoughts for what should have happened between their characters but ultimately it didn't pan out that way.

Gallo discussed with Give Me My Remote her views regarding Daisy and Sweets' relationship, specifically after their show was cancelled and Sweets died offscreen. According to Gallo, their love story seemed especially heartbreaking as Sweets loved Daisy until his death but unfortunately could never end up together; something Gallo wanted desperately even though the powers that be weren't planning for.

"I am truly pleased by that turn of events. For years now I had always held out hope that they might reunite but when I came into work and met up with them they told me no - don't play like you want back together' but this made my wish come true!" "But the reality was always different for me:

Daisy Wick reached the very end of the series finale back in 2017, yet Gallo felt strongly that Daisy and Sweets should have ended up together despite being bound together as parents of a common offspring; their child bound them forever more, yet that didn't translate to being content together "till death do us part".

"I always thought they should be together"

Naturally, Sweets' death was an emotional blow for Gallo and her castmates; Gallo even admitted in an interview she got teary upon receiving the script for Sweets' last episode: "When I read [it], it made me tear up a little." According to her further comments: although Gallo was satisfied with how things ended up, her ideal outcome differs significantly from reality.

"I was really glad it ended like that; it has always been my feeling that Lance and Helen should be together, so whenever John would film an episode with just Lance alone it always felt off for me - especially as an intern - from day 1. In those episodes when she wasn't with Lance it always felt strange for me as part of who my character had always been for me was missing; there wasn't just someone interning; she became Lance's girlfriend! Something felt off - not having that part of who my character had always felt off. So it made sense when they brought them back together as it ended well - although honestly given what could have happened with either outcome it would probably been better had they both been together all along."

At one point, Daley attempted to bring Sweets back onto the show but his request was declined. Instead, he pursued his directing career by working on films such as Vacation and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves while Booth, Brennan and their other cast mates moved forward without him; their former on-screen love included.

"Bones" can currently be seen streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video.

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