Frasier's New Style May Look Casual But The Price Tag Says Otherwise


Frasier's casual appearance didn't come cheap.

GQ was stirred to comment upon Frasier's new smart/casual look when the promo image featuring him wearing jeans arrived, prompting them to call out this nondescript revival show for its bizarre tech bro cosplay dilution of Frasier Crane; specifically noting his "mid blazer that could be found for rent at any dial-a-wedding-suit place with jeans...and what must surely be amongst mankind's least seductive shoes: jersey knit running shoes."

Joe Cristali and Chris Harris apparently read about GQ's takedown of Dr. Crane's new look and decided to reach out in response. In their GQ follow-up interview in which they defend their changes to "Frasier", costume designer Lori Eskowitz-Carter explained they wanted Fraiser "still to look elegant yet casual - more at ease with himself in terms of his appearance, yet not suddenly frugal as his wealth has multiplied thanks to fronting an Dr. Phil-style show in Chicago". Eskowitz-Carter noted in this regard:

Eskowitz-Carter noted that Fraiser wore jeans costing $250 from Carroll Custom in Beverly Hills; these sneakers came from APL Techloom Waves at $400 a pair; his plaid shirt by Tom Ford had "an exorbitant price tag that would have appalled Martin," GQ reported; finally she made clear everything Fraiser wore was high-end: Brioni, Tom Ford and Bruno Cucinelli--it all fit him like it should have!

Frasier has evolved, which is acceptable.

Not to dole out advice before your streaming series even launches is out of my league, but that is exactly what I intend to do here. Instead of reaching out to GQ and detailing exactly how much all this cheap-looking stuff cost, perhaps Chris Harris outlined earlier in his piece that this revival focuses on Frasier 20 years after he first entered Frasier's life; or as one co-showrunner put it:

"He has seen some successes - and some failures, too - yet has also grown older, wiser and more accepting of who and where they are in life. To use a metaphor: He may have unbuttoned his shirt a little and unwound perhaps just quarter turn."

Just that was all Kelsey Grammer needed to say about Frasier wearing jeans on his original series; not that Frasier ever stopped donning jeans then! As one Redditor noted, his former denim may have been more worn-down compared to what we see now in that revival show promo image; therefore it makes sense that as he's aged and become more comfortable donning his denim everyday; possibly we might get to witness him venture further into sweatpant territory if Kelsey Grammer's plans take shape and his revival show gets renewed?

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