Rachel Brosnahan Breaks Down Her Approach To Superman: Legacy's Lois Lane


"Superman: Legacy" really excited me because director James Gunn has previously delivered some of Marvel Studios' finest offerings; Rachel Brosnahan plays Lois Lane. Just as David Corenswet appears so realistically as Superman on screen, Brosnahan appears so similarly when drawn - an alluring gaze that sees through you while pulling you toward her, round and slender features with strong jaw lines, brown locks.

Brosnahan's beauty belies her talent and attitude - check out her performance as Jean in "I'm Your Woman", where she plays an innocent housewife caught in an illegal enterprise. Jean may lack Lois' strength of spine but shares its good heart. However, Brosnahan is best-known as Midge Maisel from "The Marvelous Mrs Maisel." Playing Midge Maisel gives Brosnahan the energy necessary for being Lois Lane (hence why Jennifer Jason Leigh makes an ideal substitute).

Brosnahan recently addressed Entertainment Weekly at the Critics Choice Awards red carpet, where she was asked by them for three words to describe Lois Lane (Lisa Brosnahan) which included: feisty, marvelous and fiercely intelligent." Brosnahan believes all involved in making Superman are perfect matches in terms of being fans themselves: We all watched movies or read comic books together so I feel it all comes together with such affection for this project."

Brosnahan may call herself "fan,"

as many actors appearing in superhero films do, yet her choice of adjectives does indicate an understanding of her role as Superwoman.

Brosnahan joins an esteemed legacy of actors who've played Lois Lane, such as Dana Delany in "Superman: The Animated Series," where her sharp, smart tone was an excellent representation), Erica Durance in Smallville (arguably its feistiest Lois character ever) and Amy Adams who appeared briefly within DC Extended Universe films (even if those films never quite knew what to do with her).

Margot Kidder from Christopher Reeve's Superman films remains the gold standard when it comes to Lois Lane; her portrayal as both damsel and verbal sparring partner for Clark and Superman makes for great television viewing and cinematic viewing alike. Kidder had that vital feistiness Brosnahan mentions; without it investigative reporters would simply roll over. That attitude also plays a critical role in Lois' dynamic with Clark; observe from 1978's "Superman," for instance: as soon as she meets him she finds herself both perplexed and charmed despite herself trying not to fall for him immediately despite what Lois may feel is attractive qualities she would want herself.

Brosnahan must be kidding when she said Mrs. Maisel was marvellous and "fiercely intelligent", both being trademark Superman tropes; Lois can never tell Clark from Superman because his disguise consists of glasses and being unconfident; I hope Brosnahan's Lois figures out her mystery eventually - otherwise "Man of Steel" and its sequels failed in that Lois only ever knew Superman instead of Clark Kent (something which does happen). We shall wait and see.

Superman: Legacy is currently scheduled to hit stores on July 11, 2025.

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