Cool Stuff: Listen To Lisa Frankenstein's Vinyl Soundtrack While Building An Undead Boyfriend


Back in March 2023, we reported on Mondo's impending demise as one of the premier boutique pop culture poster companies: Funko. While Mondo still exists as an entity underneath Funko's brand name (including most of its founders and core staff who made Mondo possible) its time is done. But our heroes at SpectreVision stepped forward as potential saviors: Spencer Hickman Eric Garza Mitch Putnam Mo Shafeek as former Mondo creative directors joined by CEO Jenny Jacobi will create Mutant: an independent entity producing limited-edition artwork posters vinyl soundtracks soundtracks collectibles events collectibles more.

One of Mutant Records' inaugural offerings is an original motion picture soundtrack for "Lisa Frankenstein," so that whenever your craving to create your own undead lover arises, reliving all those classic 1980s moments won't disappoint! Read my full review of "Lisa Frankenstein," where I described it as an entertaining "twisted treat of 1980s horror comedy pastiche for teenage weirdos". Everything about "Lisa Frankenstein" caters specifically towards unconventional audiences - this includes its absolutely incredible soundtrack! Isabella Summers was responsible for creating the score to Florence and the Machine as its composer; this work can also be heard on "Physical", "Paradise City", and "The Offer", plus Sam Levinson's Assassination Nation".

Mutant Records has decided to offer their score and soundtrack on both vinyl record and cassette tape, to bring back that nostalgic '80s feel and reflect today's high popularity of cassettes among Gen Zers - no kidding.

Mutilation Wave and much More

Mutant is proud to collaborate with Back Lot Music and Focus Features in creating its soundtrack, featuring post-punk and alternative classics as well as covers of 80s standards performed by Isabella Summers' hauntingly catchy score. Songs featured include Jeffrey Osborne's "On the Wings of Love," Pixies "Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)," Zombies's "I'll Call You Mine", as well as REO Speedwagon "Can't Fight This Feeling", performed by JoJo.

Vinyl records come in two colorways; an electric pink vinyl and Mutant exclusive teal with hot pink splatter (above). If that weren't enough to impress customers, Diablo Cody, who wrote Academy Award-winner Diablo Cody for the film screenplay and Alison Reimold provided all art for release as Alison Reimold worked her magic with Alison's art for Alison's release art cassette tape which will release sometime between April 12-2024 - make your reservation now to secure one before April 12 2024!

Simply click here and get yourself the Lisa Frankenstein soundtrack at Mutant.

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