Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunites With His Greatest Co-Star For New Super Bowl Commercial

Super Bowl commercials are more than movie trailers -- this year-end spectacle serves as an annual opportunity for lesser-known brands to spend big to secure stars for their ads, which all of America will view. Sometimes these ads can get quite outlandish!
State Farm Insurance released an advertisement featuring former bodybuilder and governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger (who has also appeared in some movies you may know of), entitled "Like A Good Neighbaaa", that references both State Farm's slogan ("Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there") as well as his unique Austrian accent that serves as its cornerstone.

Arnold in a red State Farm shirt dashes out of an explosion-filled home carrying two dogs to safety as "Agent State Farm," initially only showing his shoulders down, recites their company slogan ad then his face is revealed as well as how it serves as a film within a film when Arnold frequently mispronouncing "neighbor" as they film different action-themed commercials for them to use later. The director takes issue with Arnold over this mispronouncing.
Ad first debuted on Tuesday, February 6 but ended abruptly - leading viewers to expect that there is still more coming! For Super Bowl 50 it features Danny DeVito as an old co-star of Arnold Schwarzenegger's.

Reunion of Twins (and Junior).

The Super Bowl version of this ad plays basically identically to its earlier edition until its last 10 seconds when Arnold is informed of a script change and directed toward Arnold's theatrical premiere of "the movie within a movie", where DeVito stands next to Arnold (sitting next to Schwarzenegger in fact!) who signs off the commercial with an eye-catching close up as DeVito pronounces the term "neighbor." Meanwhile in the audience Schwarzenegger calls DeVito an "backstabber," however DeVito corrects him by saying instead "Backstabber." In which case DeVito corrected him;
Schwarzenegger and DeVito first shared the screen together in Ivan Reitman's 1988 comedy film "Twins", taken from David Cronenberg's original intentions of "Dead Ringers". This comedy played upon the absurdity that two people as dissimilar as Schwarzenegger and DeVito could actually be twins; their height discrepancy alone makes this impossible, which makes these two an unlikely screen couple; therefore making their birth (Julius and Vincent respectively) seem even more bizarre! To help explain their incongruent birth story the film also incorporates scientific experiments as they give their origin story!

After "Twins," these actors reunited again for another comedy film called Junior; unfortunately, that film wasn't as well received or remembered by audiences as its predecessor. Unfortunately, no sequel ever materialized so fans will just have to settle for this small State Farm-sponsored reunion as compensation.


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