Good Will Dunkin: Matt Damon And Ben Affleck Reunite For A 2024 Super Bowl Commercial

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's real friendship has long been part of both of their public images, such as co-writing "Good Will Hunting." Last year alone they appeared together in "Air," produced by their co-founded studio Artists Equity. Is there anything Ben loves more than his friend? Possibly Dunkin Donuts.
Dunkin Donuts, founded in Quincy Massachusetts and beloved coffee franchise, remains an icon. Combine that fact with some unexpected paparazzi photos that surfaced and Affleck's enthusiasm for Dunkin is now the source of memes (it even runs in his family as Casey Affleck proved on "Saturday Night Live").

At Affleck's credit, he's taken his joke seriously - and made money off it. In 2023 Super Bowl commercial featuring himself at Dunkin Donuts establishment without salary but rather playing his character for fun; Affleck made another cameo appearance this time with Matt Damon on board in 2024 Super Bowl commercial featuring both actors as characters working there as Dunkin employees!

This commercial shows Affleck staging an attack against his wife Jennifer Lopez's recording studio after finding him working at Dunkin. To get even with Lopez, Affleck forms a hip-hop group known as the DunKings; each member wears matching orange and pink tracksuits bearing Dunkin branding as part of an elaborate revenge scheme against Jennifer. Tom Brady (former New England Patriots Quarterback), Jack Harlow and Damon are featured alongside Affleck ("It can sometimes be really challenging being your friend.").

The DunKings have been kicked out of the studio (without Brady). Affleck and Damon exit, with Affleck promising his embarrassed friend a drink named after them which could rival or surpass that of Dunkaccino in terms of popularity.


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