Lisa Frankenstein Has A M3GAN Connection That May Drive You A Little Crazy

"Lisa Frankenstein" has finally arrived in theaters and critics' reviews are mixed; we at /Film are however fans! As BJ Colangelo explained in her positive review:

"Lisa Frankenstein" feels like an absolute miracle - like its creation was the result of divine intervention! Diablo Cody and Zelda Williams made this movie seem miraculous by turning Sprouse's "I'm a weirdo" speech from "Riverdale" into an entire feature-length story to demonstrate this message of how challenging being a teenage girl in all forms can be, with humor as one effective coping strategy - "Lisa Frankenstein" being Lucky McKee's neon-drend "May", finally providing Gen Z with what we had been lacking - coming-of-rage cinema.
Unsurprisingly, "M3GAN," last year's horror smash hit movie about killer doll robots has an unexpected connection to this one. While that might not be immediately evident when viewing "Toni & Tina: Reunion," don't panic -- we are here to make things clear for you!

Now both "M3GAN" and "Lisa Frankenstein" utilise elements from Mary Shelly's classic horror novel Frankenstein for inspiration; but that isn't what I mean here. Jenna Davis plays Lori in Lisa Frankenstein; in both episodes she provides voiceover as M3GAN! So this connection may go further back!

Davis previously expressed how much they enjoy Davis playing M3GAN: "Oh my gosh, I love how vibrant and lively she is!" She has various stages throughout the movie that show how M3GAN develops; I particularly enjoyed when her darker period hit. As much as AIs develop over time, so did M3GAN; her character expanded as well; this aspect I also enjoyed playing out - she could suddenly turn on you without warning when all she seemed like before was sweet little innocent girl!

So if you find yourself watching "Lisa Frankenstein" this weekend - as you should - and recognizing Davis from somewhere, now is your opportunity. A M3GAN sequel is in development while "Lisa Frankenstein" can now be seen at theaters near you.


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