Barry Keoghan Was Once Banned From The Irish Theater Where Marvel's Eternals Premiered

Barry Keoghan has cemented himself as one of Hollywood's premier up-and-comers with his exceptional performance in "Saltburn", not solely thanks to its provocative final shot. While TikTokers were quick to praise "Saltburn" due to Keoghan's full frontal nudity and nude scenes in full view of audiences everywhere, Keoghan also gave an unsettling performance as an emotionally disturbed student obsessed with Jacob Elordi's Felix (Jacob Elordi) and Felix's upper class family (Jacob Elordi).

Keoghan had already proven his acting chops prior to "Saltburn", as evidenced by his stellar portrayal of disturbed teenager Martin in 2017's "The Killing of a Sacred Deer." However, this talent won't just serve him when making his official Joker debut alongside Matt Reeves as part of Matt Reeves' Batman universe in 2022 - in fact the 31-year-old actor earned himself an Academy Award nomination thanks to Martin McDonagh's "The Banshees of Inisherin" 2022!

Keoghan has certainly accomplished much, considering all he had to overcome as a child: living between 13 foster homes before moving in with his grandmother and aunt in Dublin's Summerhill area when his mum passed away at just 12 years old; acting was the one thing that gave Keoghan some release after school plays were banned due to misbehaving -- not doing homework and skipping classes -- though even this wasn't all: actor recently revealed being banned from local cinema due to similar disciplinary issues!

Barry Keoghan experienced his full circle moment.

Barry Keoghan's dedication to playing Oliver in "Saltburn" resulted in an unforgettable and disturbing scene wherein his character has an intimate exchange with an earth grave - something which gave rise to one of Barry Keoghan's signature performances: subtly portraying antagonists with such nuanced portrayal as never seen before in film or theater.

Keoghan may play villainous characters so convincingly because he himself had an undisciplined youth, which may account for some of his ability to embody them so convincingly on screen. Aside from misbehaving at school and being banned from local cinemas for misbehaving in terms of misbehavior - or "becoming a brat." Specifically citing Cineworld on Parnell Street Dublin where he ran in and tried watching movies but was told no due to "trying to stop him," adding: [laughs] And yet I had premieres there!"

At that premiere was for 2021's "Eternals," in which Keoghan played Druig -- something which the actor later discussed on Hot Ones with commentary such as, '[wags finger] Ha-ha! Guess who's back?!'." However, Keoghan did address his Cineworld ban before this and had more information available at hand about what exactly had transpired than first initially suspected.

Barry Keoghan's Cineworld ban: the full story

Young Barry Keoghan wasn't deterred when barred from entering his local Cineworld; on one particular occasion, he recruited his friend's cousin - Rory Cashin of Cineworld staffer fame - as they attempted to gain entry. Unfortunately for them though, Rory refused entry despite all efforts; years later as an entertainment journalist interviewing Keoghan for "Eternals", during an interview where Cashin brought up their shared history which seemed taken well-naturedly by Keoghan who replied simply with:

"When walking through Cineworld last night, I couldn't help remembering going there with your cousin Gary and asking you whether we could come in because this was their family too!' and you said nope... It was such an insult at that time when [you would catch me trying to sneak in]. However, it was nice having our premiere here last night without being caught! What irony!"

Keoghan wasn't even back for his "Eternals" premiere as an accomplished actor for the first time after becoming successful; rather he spoke in a 2018 Guardian interview about one of his films being given its festival premiere there and wondered "Would they let me in?" Now with more pressing concerns - such as answering question from "Saltburn" director Emerald Fennell or providing new approaches for playing Joker roles - rather than attending Cineworld screenings again and being barred, such as coming face-to-face with them rather than worrying about being barred! - than anything that might happen! - though Keoghan will no doubt welcomes returning there and other times soon enough!





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